Terms of Trade


Business Hours

Pemco Agencies operates Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.00pm.


Orders may be placed:

Online: www.pemco.com.au Email: admin@pemco.com.au Fax: 08 9409 1444

All orders submitted via email or fax must clearly state product code and quantity required to ensure accurate and efficient processing of

orders. Please allow up to 4 working days processing time, however where possible we endeavour to deliver prior to this. Minimum order

requirement for all customers is w/sale ex $250 per order.


All orders over $250 w/sale ex will be delivered freight free to the metro area. Customers may choose to have their goods posted to

them, however, the postage fee will be payable by them. All orders posted will be “Registered Mail” with the customer paying the cost of

registration. Country customers are responsible for organising their own freight company to receive orders and will be subject to freight

charges.  Pemco Agencies does not have a collection facility available, all orders will be delivered as per above.

Pricing and Price Changes

All published prices are in respect of ordinary wholesale customers. Ordinary wholesale customers are those with an average monthly

spend of greater than $1,500 or with sufficient recurring monthly orders, as determined by Pemco management in its absolute discretion.

Prices for all other customers are the published price plus 7.5%.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Although every endeavour has been made to ensure that prices are correct as of the latest

catalogue going to print, prices can and do change without notice. We recommend that you check each invoice carefully to become aware

of any price changes. All changes (including pricing, product additions, deletions and modifications) will be updated on our website as

notification is received from suppliers.

Product Returns and Credit Claims

All credit claims must be made within 48 hours of date of delivery. All credit claims are subject to approval by Pemco Agencies and

if approved, will be given an authorisation number. Sales representatives will not be permitted to accept goods for return unless

accompanied by this authorisation number, the purchase invoice number, why they are being returned, and the date they are being

returned. Pemco Agencies will not accept the freight cost of any return unless agreed to by us. Items returned as a result of retailer error

or choice will incur a $5.00 restocking fee.

A return of goods will not be accepted for the following:

  • Goods requiring refrigeration, due to their viability.
  • Goods ordered as a “Special Order Request”.
  • The credit acceptance authorisation number is unable to be provided.
  • The goods have price stickers on them.
  • The goods are damaged in any way (ie. Not in saleable condition).
  • The goods are short dated or out of date. It is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure adequate rotation of stock.
  • The consumer has had a reaction to or does not like the product once the product has been opened.

Products out of Stock

Due to the high volume of orders Pemco Agencies dispatches daily, unfortunately it is not feasible for Pemco to contact customers with

products out of stock per order. Generally we do not have a high percentage of product out of stock, however this can happen from time

to time depending on various factors – manufacturers stock holding, raw materials, or seasonal food items. Products that have not been

supplied will be highlighted on invoice, we recommend reordering these items on next order.

Maximum Trading Terms

Maximum trading terms are strictly a maximum of 30 days net from date of invoice for all credit accounts granted. All other accounts will

be on a pre-paid basis.


We accept Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Overdue Accounts

Accounts exceeding our normal terms of trade will be refused supply of goods and may be charged a late payment fee of 2% on the

outstanding overdue balance. Please contact us should you experience unforeseen difficultly in paying your accounts on time.

Accounts which continue to exceed normal trading terms will revert to Pre-Paid accounts.

Sales of Business

Should any account customer sell their business, it is necessary that they settle all outstanding debts with Pemco Agencies on or prior to

the date of the sale settlement of that business. In the event that payment of the account is not forthcoming, no goods will be supplied to

the new owners until payment of the outstanding account is received in full.

Title of Goods

Title (i.e. Ownership) of all goods sold shall NOT be transferred from Pemco Agencies to the Purchaser until

complete payment for those goods has been received. Should any payment for goods fail to be made in the specified

trading period, Pemco Agencies reserves the right to seize all goods to that value in payment of the account in full.