Carwari Superfood Energy Balls!

(Dairy and Egg free. A non-refined sugar recipe)Carwari Energy Ball 1

30g x Carwari Superfood “Sakura” or “Fuji”

15ml x Carwari Extra Virgin Sesame Oil (or Coconut Paste)

60g x Carwari Raw Cashew Nuts

30ml x Carwari Agave Nectar (or Maple Syrup)

To dust, grated Carwari Sesame Seeds (white or black) or fine coconut such as fine desiccated coconut.

                                        Carwari Energy Ball

     How to cook:

1.Soak cashews over night and drain. Dry them for about 4 hours.

2.Place cashews in a bowl and crush them by a hand blender or chop.

3.Add sesame oil, SAKURA (or FUJI) and agave nectar and mix well.

4.Make 8-10balls.

5.Dust the balls on grated white or black sesame

(or fine desiccated coconut).

6.Serve them after refrigeration.