Know The Best Time To Consume Probiotics

Know The Best Time To Consume Probiotics

It is a fact that Probiotics are the good bacteria that your body really needs. Though bacteria have some negative connotation, the fact is that not all of the bacteria have to be fought off. Probiotics help boost your immune system to keep you healthy, as well as helps your organs function well. Therefore, doctors highly recommend you to take probiotics even in the dietary supplement form to help your body. Most importantly, they want you to follow the best time to consume probiotics for optimum effects.

When Is The Best Time To Consume Probiotics?

On a general note, the best time to consume probiotics is now—today! However, more specifically, it is recommended that you take probiotics twice a day. In the morning, it is best taken first thing or upon waking up. You should wait about 45 minutes before you eat your breakfast to allow your stomach to fully absorb the probiotics and have it ready to do its job. In the evening, you can take it about 2 hours after your last meal. Doing so during these recommended times will not let the stomach acid burn the probiotics.

As to the recommended dosage, you should begin with two capsules in the morning and another two in the evening. During the second week of taking it, you can already reduce it to 1 capsule for each time you take it every day.

Additionally, you can take probiotics to treat yeast or intestinal infection, which may take a few days or weeks. However, you can also take it indefinitely or consistently to help prevent any more diseases from attacking your immune system. This, however, is not necessary because it can really be expensive on your part.

Another important note to remember is that just like when you are planning to take any kind of medication, you need to see your physician so that the right kind of probiotics (bacteria) will be prescribed especially for you.

What If You Are Taking Antibiotics?

Taking probiotics while you are taking antibiotics should not be a problem. It is just important that you take it 2 or 3 hours apart from the other so that the antibiotic does not kill your good bacteria.

In What Form Can I Take Probiotics?

That really depends on you and what you are comfortable with. Your options include taking it in the form of food or drink, in capsule, or in powder form.

How To Store Probiotics?

Even if you are diligently taking probiotics and you know the best time to consume probiotics, its effectiveness will still be compromised if you do not follow the right way of storing it. First of all, do not believe people who tell you that probiotics need to be refrigerated. They can be stored in room temperature. Furthermore, these can be stored the same way you store your vitamins, especially if you are taking the powder and the capsule form.

What Foods Contain Probiotics?

If you are not comfortable taking in dietary supplements for your probiotic intake needs, you can certainly resort to eating foods which are known to contain many of these healthy bacteria. These include yogurt, juice, cereal, granola, candy, cookies, and candy bars. And since these are food, you do not necessarily have to follow the best time to consume probiotics.

What Kills Probiotics?

Since probiotics are live bacteria, they can be disturbed by one or a few other factors, such as:

  • Corticosteroids which you can buy from the pharmacy
  • Birth control pills. Therefore, if you take it with your pills, the probiotics will be destroyed.
  • Anitbiotics. Remember, these kill bacteria.
  • Chlorine in the water you drink
  • Heavily cooked meat so you should not overcook meat
  • Refined sugars that you use every day. Shift to honey for the meantime.
  • Hydrogenated fats and oils.
  • Stress. Yes, always stay away from stresses and stress-causing activities.

Who Should Take Probiotics?

Everyone needs good bacteria for our system to function correctly. Especially for those who are prone to the following:

  • People who have food allergies
  • People who suffer from skin problems
  • People who suffer from yeast infection, athlete’s foot, jock itch and others
  • People with weak immune system who easily catch cough and colds
  • Those who suffer from diarrhea, constipation and other digestive disorders
  • Infants and children so that their immunity is boosted

One should stop thinking about the wrong notion that bacteria are bad. With probiotics, you will certainly have a stronger immune system and you will feel that your body is healthier. You do not have to wait for the time when you feel sick or when diseases start attacking