Make hydration your New Year’s resolution!

Happy 2016!  4 years after the world was supposed to end (2012), we’re still alive and still trying to make sense of what and why we are here.

And every year, a part of the “what and why” results in a mantra of, “it’s time to get in shape, get my health back in line and then it’ll all be clear”.  For most of us, it only lasts a couple months, at best.  But they are a great couple months!

I’m guilty of it.  Most of us are.  For whatever reason, that heightened sense of well-being from our New Year’s resolution instigated clean diet and regular exercise fades into a “back of the stove” priority and the monkey-chatter of daily busy-ness takes precedent.

Yet, there is one simple every day enjoyable act that we can do, very easily, to ensure we are at least taking care of our body on a basic level.

Yes, going to the gym 4 times a week is definitely on the list.  Yoga 3 times a week is on the list.  Cutting back on the bad fats, bad carbs, the meat and the dairy is on the list. More quality time with your lover, on the list.  Yet, ensuring that you are properly hydrating simply requires you to lift a glass to your lips and drink.  Easy.  But many of us forget to do it.

Hydration is as important as nutrition.

If you’re like me, I get bored with just drinking water throughout the day.  I’m a fiend for BIG mugs (big soup bowls with handles) of our hot chocolate.  When I’m in the office I probably drink about 1-2 liters of hot chocolate a day.  Seriously.  I get my water intake and I’m also getting lots of minerals and antioxidants with the sips.  It’s actually quite filling too, so I find myself being satisfied with less food intake, but still highly energetic.

Another way I keep my palate happy and cells nourished is our Coco Hydro.  I drink it when I’m exercising at the gym, on a bike ride in the hills outside of Ashland, Oregon and also while I’m sitting in my desk saddle, herding the hoards of emails.

It’s a great every day hydrator.

Our Coco Hydro is a super easy way to:
1) flavor your water intake and
2) get all your daily electrolytes, vitamin C and some trace minerals to boot.

Scoop, stir and sip.  That’s it.  Easy.

So why Coco Hydro?  Well, here are some basic facts:

  • Tastes great.  4 flavors to chose from.  Rotate them all week and you’ll never get bored.  Mix em’ up for a tropical frenzy if you’re feeling crazy.
  • Contains 5 key macro electrolytes made from real coconut water, your daily Vitamin C needs and much needed trace minerals.
  • Why do we add trace minerals you ask?  Because in our modern diet, we simply don’t get enough.  Our food is too clean and our soils are becoming mineral depleted.  And since most of us don’t or won’t suck on rocks (unless your on the Paleo diet), we add some high quality trace minerals to the blend to ensure you’re getting what you need.
  • Less sugar than a glass of orange juice.  Yup, you heard me correctly.  Measure it up and compare.  An 8oz glass of Coco Hydro contains almost half the sugar as an 8oz glass of orange juice.  So swap out your morning chug of orange juice for a chug of Coco Hydro.

Sugar content of CocoHydro vs Orange Juice

  • And Coco Hydro is a great hydrator for your night time forays out with friends … and the morning after that foray with friends if you’re feeling a bit dehydrated.
  • Coco Hydro has a lower carbon footprint than bottled coconut water, because we’re not shipping water around the world.  Coconut water is on average, 95% water, 4% carbohydrates and 1% nutrients.  That’s a lot of water being shipped around the world for only 1% nutrients.  Coco Hydro cuts way down on the fossil fuels in transporting the 1% nutrients and allows you to use your local water source.  Coco Hydro is the eco-friendly coconut water option.
  • Coco Hydro is great for daily hydration and also during your workouts.  The electrolyte balance and the addition of trace minerals keeps cells hydrated, which is essential for proper function of muscles, organs, tissues … your entire body!  You’ll feel the difference, almost instantly.

So, as we continue to move through 2016, let’s all keep ourselves to task and take one simple step to keep our bodies and minds in a healthy hydration state of being.
Happy New Year everyone and here’s to another successful rotation around the Sun!

Written by Frederick Schilling, Co-CEO Big Tree Farms