Ceres Organics – Building Shared Values With Our Growers And Suppliers…

As a company, Ceres Organics has always had a strong desire to positively contribute to the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of the communities we work with.

An example of this philosophy is our partnership with our quinoa supplier from Peru, Organic Sierra and Selva. This video was part of a social program we sponsored back in December last year, with the goal of creating shared value, growing hand in hand with the entire supply chain, tying social progress to entrepreneurial success.

More than 2000 children and their families received warm clothes, dental checks and treatments, scalp and hair treatments for lice and other afflictions, and lessons in making toys using recycled and sustainable materials. 200 homes without electricity were also gifted solar panels, and 10 university scholarships were awarded to high-achieving students.

We too are able to create shared value with the broader global community that we are part of. We believe this is the way that business can make real change in the world. And this change is already happening.

See the link below of a video captured in Peru: