Coming soon…Pana + Zebra Dream Coconut Icecream Collaboration!!

Introducing a NEW flavour by Zebra Dream – Organic Coconut Icecream Mint & Pana Choc Chip…..

Pana Chocolate and Zebra Dream have teamed up again to bring you your favourite choc mint ice cream collaboration.

We have combined two delicious handcrafted products to create an unforgettable flavour with refreshing mint ice cream and delicious chunks of the Pana Chocolate Eighty bar.

The collaboration between Pana Chocolate and Zebra Dream is our commitment to creating organic, vegan products that love what’s within as well as the earth it came from.

Ingredients: coconut milk, agave nectar, pana chocolate eighty  (cacao solids 80% (cacao butter & cacao powder) dark agave nectar)  spirulina, peppermint essential oil, guar gum