Have you tried the Ugly Bits Stick?



A new way to naturally concentrate the Amazing Oils solution.
The Amazing Oils Ugly Bits Stick is just what you need for

  • skin tags
  • blemishes,
  • lumps and bumps

The Ugly Bits Stick can make them shrink in a couple of weeks.
No chemicals, no nasties.
Just the same natural goodness you have came to expect from Amazing Oils.

To be clear-this amazing product does not work on EVERY single type of Keratosis, only the most common together with skin tags. Its best to use 4-6 times a day for the first week. You should be noticing some serious shrinkage after ten days. If you have one of the rarer types at least you will still be getting a serious hit of magnesium for over-all wellbeing!

Available to order at Pemco Agencies…