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100% Organic Coconut Oil – Nothing else!

Melrose Organic Coconut Oil Melrose Unrefined Coconut Oil retains the aroma and flavour of coconuts whereas Refined Coconut Oil removes that aroma and flavour. The major benefit of both Melrose Coconut Oils is that the oil isn’t altered by heat so you can use it in a number of applications such as shallow frying, as […]... read more

Plenty of time for chemicals later baby! For now, let’s keep you all natural!

Happy In My Nappy…. Nappy Rash Balm is the latest product from A Bit Hippy. Nappies are great. But unfortunately they can hold lots of irritating moisture against hippy baby skin. This and the ‘nappy contents’ can cause a nasty rash and make the skin sore, irritated and prone to infection. So the best thing […]... read more


BOD “booch” really loves your bod, but mostly it loves your gut.. to be more specific. Each bottle of BOD kombucha contains an army of live probiotics, ready to boost your immune system, aid digestion & energise you. Our kombucha is slow fermented in small batches using organic ingredients. Each bottle is individually hand bottled, hand […]... read more

Pemco Christmas Trading Hours 2016/2017

Pls see link below for Pemco Christmas hours: Pemco Christmas Trading Hours 2016/2017... read more

Raw Food Factory Organic Ice Cream has arrived!!

Raw Food Factory Certified Organic Ice Cream, thick and creamy the way real ice cream should be! We use grass fed dairy from happy cows, all organic ingredients. Eat me straight from the tub or enjoy with cake, crumble or cookies – the perfect accessory for your dessert. Organic Icecream VANILLA BEAN 470ml x 8 […]... read more