BOD “booch” really loves your bod, but mostly it loves your gut.. to be more specific. Each bottle of BOD kombucha contains an army of live probiotics, ready to boost your immune system, aid digestion & energise you.

Our kombucha is slow fermented in small batches using organic ingredients. Each bottle is individually hand bottled, hand capped and labelled ensuring a delicious, sparkling drink every single time.

We slow ferment each batch to ensure optimum flavour, fizz and gut friendly goodness.

Available in 2 sizes, 330ml grab & go and also a 1 litre bottle to share with friends, or not.

We currently have 4 flavours available…

No.1 Berries & Ginger
No.2 Lemon & Ginger
No.3 Chai
No.4 Straight Up