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Discover Skinny Sugar…. Naturally Guilt Free Sugar!

Skinny Sugar is your natural alternative to both normal sugar and those not to nice tasting sweeteners. A guilt free blend of Australian cane sugar and Erthritol, which is found naturally in many fruits. 50% less calories, with the same taste as regular sugar and no chemical aftertaste. Use Skinny Sugar in the same way […]... read more

So what the lupe is lupin?

Discover: Lupin Flakes pack a seriously tasty powerful punch. As one of the world’s richest source of combined protein and fibre, this Aussie-grown little legume is gluten free, low GI and only 4% carbs. Plus they’re rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Lupin incredible! 3 x more protein than quinoa 3 x more dietary […]... read more

Kava Calm is now legal in WA!!

Calming Herbs | Relaxation | Promotes Restful Sleep Natures Sunshine Kava Calm is now legal in WA!! Stock arriving this week at Pemco Agencies.  Stay tuned for more..  ... read more


Our Milk: What’s in it? We only use the finest sourced ingredients and have gone to the ends of the world to produce Almo. The list- Filtered artesian water (yes, that’s right, artesian water from a spring deep under New Zealand’s north island), Australian grown almonds, natural calcium from limestone for your supplementary dietary needs […]... read more