Our Milk: What’s in it?

We only use the finest sourced ingredients and have gone to the ends of the world to produce Almo.

The list- Filtered artesian water (yes, that’s right, artesian water from a spring deep under New Zealand’s north island),

Australian grown almonds, natural calcium from limestone for your supplementary dietary needs (we dislike sardines too),

a sprinkle of xanthan gum to stop the almonds from splitting in water and a pinch of salt to cast away any demonic spirits. That is all.

Our Milk: Is Almo better than fresh almond milk?

Tough argument and we will have the raw vegans onto us if we say anything but good things about raw almond milk.

Let’s just state the facts- almonds drop to the ground where kangaroos poop and beetles crawl. Raw milks are not

Suitable for pregnant women, immune compromised individuals and children to consume. It doesn’t stop you from drinking

almond milk, but unless you know that the almonds used are pasteurised, we would advise to play it safe and buy a long life

variety that doesn’t contain carrageenan, vegetable oils, corn maltodextrin or added starches. Sugar, we’re the only brand that

doesn’t contain all or any of the above. Buy Almo. We promise you will love it. We also last longer, 6 months shelf life and 7 days

in your fridge compared to other fresh almond milks.

 Our Milk: Is your milk suitable for Vegans?

Yes, yes and yes. We even labelled it vegan-friendly on packaging.

Our milk is produced on manufacturing  lines which also package dairy products but we ensure there is no cross contamination.

We know how important it is to make sure our milk is safe to consume.

 Our Milk: Does your milk contain Sugar?

Dang, No. We’re on the sugar free movement. Unsweetened. Not even the rice syrupy stuff.

We know it takes 66 days to curb sugar cravings so we don’t tempt ourselves with the fake stuff.

Our Milk: Is your milk suitable for pregnant women and children?

Our milk is not suitable as a complete milk replacement for children under 5 years. However, given our almond milk is

pasteurised, it is safe for pregnant woman and immune-compromised individuals to consume. Hooray.

Our Milk: Does your milk contain Carrageenan?

No. We like to not add questionable additives into our milks. Health comes first and food is life.

Carrageenan is also labelled as Vegetable Gum 407. Confusing right? We still don’t add it.

Packaging: Can I recycle the bottle?

Yes you can! Our bottles are BPA-free and you can unzip the sleeve from the bottle and up-cycle or re-cycle,

whatever tickles your fancy.

 Our Milk: How is Almo made?

Once upon a time in the land around the Murray river…

Sorry, but we would have to banish you to Bermuda if we told you exactly how we make our luscious milk.

Boy, did we fork out a lot to perfect the formula. In short summary, we don’t squeeze almonds to death nor do we blend, sieve

and throw away almond meal like fresh almond milk. We churn our Australian grown almonds like Mr Willy Wonka and blend it

at a secret temperature with water, salt, calcium and xanthan. We then say a few prayers to stop the almonds from splitting and bless the

water with all the love in the world whilst it bottles into BPA-free plastic. We wrap a sleeve around the bottle to stop the

light oxidizing our milk and box it up ready for you to purchase.