Pana Chocolate Changes!!

Say hello to our new little friends.

Sixty    Eighty

Formerly known as Raw Cacao and Eighty. Showing themselves off from mid-October onwards as Sixty % and Eighty %.

Raw   Eighty 1

But why change your name highly-successful-you’re-already-amazing chocolate bars?

Sometimes we’re just a little confusing for consumers, and their feedback is important. They don’t understand how all our bars can be raw cacao when I’m called raw cacao, they just don’t get me but I get them. This way, it’s clear who I am. I’m made of sixty percent cacao and I’m called Sixty %. I mean, genius. And as Eighty, I’m cool man, I’m just wearing a new % symbol tattoo just to increase my edge.

The new named bars will start hitting the marketplace from mid-October onwards and will coexist on shelves with their former names. Nothing has changed about the bar, it’s purely a name change to further assist consumers to understand the chocolate they are buying.


Pana Chocolate currently use Himalayan Pink Salt/Rock Salt in its range due to the significant health advantages, superior status compared to iodised salt, its completely natural status and flavour sensation. However, we were acutely aware that as popularity of Himalayan Pink Salt increased the pressure on this finite resource increased and as a non-renewable source there are environmental impacts. As we are all about loving your insides and loving the earth, the last thing we want to do is to create an impact on our environment.

As a result, Pana Chocolate embarked on finding a suitable alternate resource that will not only provide the health benefits but also the sustainable benefits too. We’re happy to say that Pana Chocolate will now be using Icelandic Sea Salt – hand harvested sustainable from the Westfjords of Iceland. Ooh la la.

This change will be on the shelves as soon as October/November.