Gaga’s Organic Dairy Free Coconut Kefir 450ml x 6 (Vital Biome) CHILLED

Product code: 102024

Certified Organic, Refreshingly Sour  (Not Sweet), Bubbly & Creamy, Rich Probiotic Profile, Boost Your Digestion, LOW Fodmap, Dairy Free & Vegan, Manufactured Shelf Life: 3 months

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Mylk (Organic Coconut Meat & Water), Organic Tapioca,
Organic Raw Sugar (Fermented), Vegan Kefir Culture.

Due to the chilled/frozen nature of these products, please note there is a minimum order spend when purchasing above stated products of $250 w/sale ex per order.  Please contact the Pemco team now to receive your copy of pricing and other product info!  Should your order not reach the minimum spend, our friendly office staff will be in touch.