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NEW Pemco July 2018 Catalogue out now!!

NEW July 2018 EDITION IS HERE…. To order your copy with your next order: T: 08 9408 2777 E: F: 08 9409 1444        ... read more

Degradable versus Biodegradable versus Compostable. What it actually means…

This month we’re celebrating the NEW release of Ceres Organics quinoa’s new compostable clothing; a transparent, triple layer, home compostable pouch! But what does home compostable mean? And how does it compare to just compost. Does it degrade? Does that make it biodegradable? There are so many terms and they all mean different things, so we […]... read more


Due to manufacturing difficulties caused by chia seeds we’ve had to abandon our Chia variant of rice cakes. But don’t fret, we have another superfood option ready to roll. Literally. Keep reading! ORGANIC RICE CAKES WITH QUINOA It’s 3.00pm. You’re sitting at your desk listening to Janet trying to figure out how to print, thinking […]... read more


We are pleased to announce that our Loose Leaf Teas , Cacoa and Carob will all now be packaged in fabulous resealable pouches. Weights and barcodes remain the same.      ... read more

What is a Prebiotic Soda?

In order for the good bacteria to survive in the bowel, you need to feed them ‘prebiotic’ foods. Prebiotics are non-digestible food fibres that enable good bacteria to stick to the bowel wall and also helps to stimulate their growth. Our range of Coconut Cider Vinegar Sodas are not just bubbly & refreshing; they also […]... read more

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