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BOD Probiotic Sugar Free Soda YUZU 330ml x 12

Finally a great tasting soda with ZERO sugar & with the added digestive benefits from added armoured probiotic strain, Bacillus subtilis R0179. There’s 1 billion of them inside every single bottle! Our range of LIVING sodas deliver the below punches: 100% sugar free Have a live probiotic that you can’t see or taste Offer digestive support Balances […]... more

Gluten Free Paleo Muesli HONEY BAKED BLEND NUTS + SEEDS w/ COCONUT 300g x 5 (Farmer Jo)

WHAT’S IN ME… Seeds (72%)(sunflower kernels, pepitas, sesame seeds, flaxseeds), Coconut (13%), Almonds (8%), honey (4%), organic coconut oil, sea salt.... more

Paleo Pure KETO Coffee Creamer w MCT Powder DOUBLE CHOC 250g

KETO CREAMER WITH C8 C10 MCT POWDER Stir Keto Creamer into your coffee to add a dose of goodness for a delicious, creamy result. Contains 30 serves – a month’s worth of creamy goodness Plant based, Keto & paleo friendly Add a creamy finish to your favourite drink with added brain & body boosting benefits. […]... more

Isle Organic Sparkling Artesian Water WATERMELON & CUCUMBER 350ml x 12

Isle is a delicately balanced Artesian Water drawn from a single source aquifer in New Zealand’s pristine North Island. Naturally filtered through underground rock formations our unique water contains subtle traces of minerals and electrolytes which produce a smooth, silky sensation on the palate. The water is lightly infused with certified organic fruit extracts for […]... more

Organic Brown Rice Crackers Multi Pack SEA SALT + VINEGAR (20g x 6) x 6 (Ceres)

Ingredients Jasmine Brown Rice* 92%, Sunflower Oil*, Rice Wine Vinegar* 1.8%, Natural Sea Salt 1.2% (*Certified Organic)... more

Organic Cacao Butter 400g (Raw Food Factory)

Raw Food Factory Cacao Butter Buttons are highly nutritious and a healthier alternative to butter. With a rich flavour and velvety texture, they are perfect to use in chocolate making, baking, and much more! Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Beans.... more

Eden Pantry Coconut Ice Cream Choc Coated CHOCOLATE 3pack (105ml x 3) x 6 FROZEN

Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and Refined Sugar FreeIngredients: organic coconut milk, organic rice malt syrup, organic vanilla bean paste, fair trade organic coconut nectar, organic virgin cacao butter, organic coconut, organic fair trade raw cacao beans. Made in Tasmania... more

Grants Fresh Mint MINI Natural Toothpaste 25g x 12 C/Display Unit (Lateral Food)

Our Fresh Mint Toothpaste is now available in a 25g travel size. Grants Fresh Mint Toothpaste with organic tea tree oil has a strong minty taste that leaves the mouth feeling sparkling fresh. Tea tree oil works its magic, helping reduce bacteria in the mouth and is beneficial in reducing inflammation caused by gingivitis. Grants Fresh Mint […]... more

Wasabi Paste 43g Tube (Spiral)

Japanese wasabi (Wasabi japonica), Sweet potato syrup (sweet potato), Green Pea fiber, Rice oil, Sea salt, Water, Tapioca dextrin, Ume Brine (Ume plum, salt), Mustard oil... more